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Young Maylay - San Andreas - The Original [Mixtape]
01 San Andreas Theme Song
02 Liq Hittaz
03 That's Real
04 West Coast Freestyle
05 Aint Official Like Us
06 Ride, Swerve, Slide
07 Owna Block
08 Speak on It
09 Knock the Box
10 Untitled
11 Salute'n G's
12 Inna Ghetto
13 Like Da West Coastaz
14 Boss Up Freestyle
15 Commodity
16 We Like
17 Ghetto Stars
18 Twist a Corner
19 Comen Get Us
20 What We in It foe


DJ Crazy Toones - That Nigga Crazy Vol.1 "Tape" (1996)
90 minutos, com freestyles e exclusivas de Ice Cube e WC ao lado de uma enorme quantidade de clássicos do West Coast e East Coast disses (Funk Flex)


DJ Mickster - G-Funk Mixtape Pt.1 (2009)
1-Dubcan intro
2-DFC Caps Get Peeled
3-Black Jack - I Would die for you
4-Havoc & Prodeje - The Hood Got me feeling the pain
5-Frost - Eastside rendevouz
6-2Pac - My Block
7-Foesum Ft.Bo-Rocc - In the wind (waht goes around)
8-Rappin 4-tay - Ain't no playa (Radio Mix)
9-Too Short - Cocktails
10-Mc Eiht - Me & my bitch
11-Dj Quik - It'z your fantasy
12-Above the law - Kalifornia
13-Warren G - Smoking me out
14-Seagram - If The World was mine
15-Lil 1/2 dead - Steel on a mission
16-Dazzie Dee ft. Ice Cube, K-Dee - Ain't No Busta's This Way Whore'z
17-Tha twinz - Eastside LB
18-Tray dee ft.Snoop Doggy Dogg - 21 Jumpstreet
19-Tha Dogg Pound - i don't like to dream about gettin paid
20-Above The Law - The Streets
21-Ice Cube - you know how we do it pt1
22-Ice Cube - you know how we do it pt2
23-DJ Quik ft. Raphael seadiq & mausberg - Well
24-Xzibit - Sorry i'm away so much
25-Bg Knocc out & dresta - real brothas
26-Nate Dogg ft. Warren G - Nobody Does it better
27-Lil 1/2 dead - had to be a hustler
28-Mad Cj Mac - Come and take a ride
29-Suga free - on my way
30-Sinful ft. Bishop lamont - West Side
31-Tha dogg pound - big pimpin'
32-Bad azz - how we get down
33-Kurupt - We Can freak it
34-Foesum - Just a lil somethin, somethin
35-Spice-1 - Welcome to the ghetto
36-tha dogg pound - cali iz active
37-suga free - new thangz
38-2Pac - All About You !
Fingazz Presents - Classics for the O.G's Vol.1
1. Intro
2. Low Rider

3. Be Thankful For What You Got
4. Pocos Peros Locos Drop

5. Between the Sheets
6. C
utie Pie
7. Natural High

8. 4 the Love Of You

9. O.D.M. KGGJ Drop
10. Cruizin

11. La La Means I Love You

12. Mr. Capon
e-e Drop
13. Thin Line Between Love And Hate

14. Shining Star

15. Let’s Stay Together

16. Outstan
17. Outro

Centro Side Records - The Remixtape (2009)
01. Intro
02. Centro Side Rollcall
03. We Stay Riding
04. Cali Calision
05. No Love
06. En Mi Pueblo
07. Another Body Lifeless
08. Stop Hating
09. This Shit Is Gangster
10. Talk The Talk
11. Hoppin In My Low Low
12. If You Feel Like I Feel
13. Summertime Summertime
14. You Can't The The Centro
15. True South Siders
16. True Blue Surenos
17. Quel Drole De Monde
18. Everybody Hit The Floor
19. Look Into My Eyes
20. Come Out And Play
21. R.I.P Mr. Blue
22. They Thaught They Killed Me
23. Dia De Los Muertos

01.Whose the G - B.G Knocc Out & Gangzta Dresta
02.Want To Be A 'G'- C-Bo

03.Hood Took Me Under - Compton's Most Wanted

04.That's The Way It'z Gooin' Down - Havoc & Prodeje
05.Whoop Whoop - Dj Pooh

06.Hennessy and Chronic - Watts Gangstas

07.Can't Stop, Won't Stop - Bloods & Crips
08.Express Yourself - N.W.A

09.Its Goin Down - C.M.C'S

10.Amerikkka's Most Wanted - Ice Cube

11.West Up - WC & the Maad Circle

12.Comin Out the Cage - Tweety Bird Loc

13.G Style - Ice-T
14.One False Move - Mc Ren

15.3 Strikes Ya Out - King Tee

16.Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A

17.Let The Bass Go - The D.O.C

18.Exercise Yo' Game - 40 Thevz Feat Coolio

19.Livin'Dead - Oak Cliff Assassin

20.Here Comes the G - Mack 10

21.Quik Is the Name - Dj Quik

22.Fallin' Hero - G'Len

23.Watch the Ice Break - Ice-T

24.Y'all Don't Hear Me Dough - Kam

25.Get it Like that - Hi-C

26.Datz Real Gangsta - Brotha Lynch Hung

27.Do Or Die - B.G Knocc Out & Gangzta Dresta
28.Don't Trip Nask - South Central Cartel
29.Murder Rap -Above The Law

30.Red Rum - Celly Cel

31.Ain't Nothing But a G Thang - Dr.Dre Feat Snoop Doggy Dogg

32. Fuck With Dre Day - Dr.Dre Feat Snoop Doggy Dogg (Diss Eazy-E)

33.Only If You Want It - Eazy-E

34.Real Muthaphukkin G's - Eazy-E (Diss Dr.Dre)

35.Sucka Ass Niggas - Spice-1

36.1990 Sick - Spice-1

37.Step Up - Kurupt


1.Black Superman - Above The Law
2.West Coast Mix - Daddy V

3.Regulate - Warren G Feat Nate Dogg

4.She's Got A Big Posse - Arabian Prince

5.Just No Good I Can't Help Myself - Toddy Tee

6.Kaliformia - Above The Law Feat Kokane

7.Throwbacc Muzik Remix - Kurupt Feat Petey Pablo

8.Come And Take A Ride (Feat. Poppa Lq) - Mad Cj Mac

9.Legend Man - N.O.L.A.
10.Blind - Zeek

11.Super Star - Goldie Loc

12.Conversation - Big Toine

13. So Many Ways - Warren G

14.Who Am I (What's My Name) - Snoop Doggy Dogg

15.The Compton OG - Daddy V

16.Woop Woop - G'Len

17.It Was a Good Day - Ice Cube

18.U KNow What Im Talkin About (Kurupt)

19.California - Aelpeacha Feat Driver & Msj Facon

20.Who's The Mack - Ice Cube

21.Hustlers Cry - Cold 187um Feat Royal Krown
22.Tonite - DJ Quik

23. Pharoahe Monch - I Pledge Allegiance - Nate Dogg

Lil Eazy-E - Compton's Finest Mixtape (2008)

Mixtape do Lil Eazy-E Com Varias Participações !!

01. Comptons Finest (Jus-B-Gun Remix)
02. Got 2 Be A G (feat. Baby Eazy-E)
03. Coming From Compton (feat. Lil Eazy-E) (Produced & Mixed By Ghetto187)
04. Compton (feat. Lil Eazy-E & The Game) (Ghetto187 Remix)
05. Gangsta Slidin' (feat. Eazy-E, Lil Eazy-E & Above The Law (Mixed By SuperMac)
06. I'm From Compton (feat. Lil Eazy-E & The Game) (Jcnn13 Remix)
07. Hurt Nhobody (feat. Baby Eazy-E)
08. Switchez (feat. Eazy-E) (Produced & Mixed by Brotha Ajax)
09. Lil E' Is The Name (feat. Lil Eazy-E) (Brotha Ajax Remix)
10. Lets Get Paid (feat. Lil Eazy-E) (Chopped N Screwed By Ghetto187)
11. A Real Dream (feat. Eazy-E & MC Ren) (Makaveli DJ Remix)
12. H3700d Nhigga (feat. Baby Eazy-E)
13. Servin' Compton's Finest (feat. Eazy-E & Lil Eazy-E) (Jcnn13 Mix)
14. Ghetto (feat. Lil Eazy-E & Akon) (Produced & Mixed by KiLLa Cali)
15. RIP POPZ (feat. Baby Eazy-E)

Conejo - Devils Playground

01 Mark Of The Beast
02 Im a Dead Man Walking
03 Bust My Steal
04 So You Wanna Bang
05 I Took a Hostage
06 Doorway To Hell
07 Get You Killed Boy
08 West Side Harpy
09 Quick On The Trigger
10 It All Comes Back [Part 2]
11 Real O.G.
12 Im The Wrong Idividual
13 Put The Weed Up
14 Devils Playground [Part 2]
15 Black Magic
16 First Class Ticket To Hell